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Learning about sanitation and provision safety

Main Training Programs
Τελευταία Ημερομηνία
24 07 2014

The staff of enterprises which takes action in matters of foodservices and confectionery is obligated to be educated on the basics of safety and sanitation of provision, as it referred to the ministerial decision 14708/10-8-2007

Particularly, the enterprises which are obligated to educate their staff handling with provision are

  • These which produce, process, save, transfer, sell provision food or
  • Occupy with retailing trade, the disposition of foodservices confectionery or
  • production laboratories or provision transformation laboratories

these programs aim in the insurance of quality, the safety of production and consumers’ protection.

For more information, you can read the official informative letter of EFFET.

Polis implement programs of level 1, which refer to education of simple handlers and to general issues of sanitation and provision safety. The duration of each program is 10 hours and each program is implemented in 2 days, while after the completion of the program come the exams, which take place whenever and wherever EFET announces. The results of the exams are announced after 10 days from the announcement of the program’s completion via the site of EFET.

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