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Aim – Activities

The aim of Polis is the accomplishment of programs of Lifelong learning, the promotion to employment and the enterprising evolution. Especially, the activities of the Center of Lifelong Learning are:

  • transaction of all actions, programs and efforts intended to prepare and support adults and generally lifelong learning
  • counseling and support actions
  • promotion of employment
  • enterprising evolution
  • elaboration of researches, studies and polls.
  • organization of meetings, conventions and other actions related to communication and publicity.


Indicatively, it should be mentioned that the enterprise participates in funded from the European Union programs and other national programs. The target groups of the programs are:

  • unemployed
  • entrepreneurs
  • employed to public and private sector
  • vulnerable groups of population etc
Polis Ke.Di.Vi.M. 2 
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Oraiokastro – Thessaloniki, P.C 57013,
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