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Following the rule saying that the key factor in running a successful business is the workforce, Polis employs the most qualified personnel. Particularly, Polis occupies the more educated executive members. More specifically, apart from the scientists who staff each time the activities of the company (training programs, studies, surveys, etc.), Polis has permanent staff, which is highly qualified and has also longtime professional experience in the lifelong learning sector. Finally, it should be pointed out that Polis pays attention to the constant education of its staff in order to make them able to cope with the constant changing of circumstances not only in Greece but also abroad.


Polis Ke.Di.Vi.M. 2 
6, Chrysostomou Smirnis Str
Oraiokastro – Thessaloniki, P.C 57013,
P: +302310 690 994
P: +302310 699 044
F: +302310 690 994

Ελληνικό Κέντρο Δια Βιου Μάθησης